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Intro to Megan

My Name is Megan White

A little about me:

I’m a very active individual with a passion to help others in all aspects of life from personal growth to total well-being.  

A healthy energy drink fell into my life about 12 years ago, it was called RevvNRG and that, was the start of my relationship with Scotty & Susann Paulson.

In that time, I have enjoyed the natural ingredients, not only in their vitality drink but in all the products they offer at Revv Naturals.

I have dabbled in other products just to see what was out there and how it made my body feel. Without fail I find myself not able to fully replace the good thing going with Revv Naturals.   Not only is my mind and body happy with my choice but I can offer it to others knowing I am making a difference for them, by replacing the products in their life that are unhealthy and helping them find natural alternatives that work.  I believe in this company’s products. 

My kids range from 5 to 21 and they all steal my RevvNRG whether it’s made and in my personal water bottle or sneaking the sticks out of the cupboard and pouring it into their water bottle.  Let’s just say RevvNRG is a hit at my house.

My Book

Healing Within, Loving Throughout

Revv Naturals is not just a company you can get all natural healthy products from, but it is the company that had individuals 10 years back teaching people like myself, personal development and a lifestyle full of positive thinking and doing.  

I took those teachings and wrote my first book called; Healing Within, Loving Throughout.  This book is simplified by giving you tools and examples to navigate through the obstacles in life that we allow to dictate our future and the choices leading up to that future.

picture of book
back of book

These 3 products are the staples you must have!

My Product Spotlight For January:

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Revv Cleanse is a nice jump start to detox your body before your workout remedy or weightloss program or if your finding your body stuck this cleanse is a great way to get things moving. Detoxing is recommended to do monthly.
Revv Renew is a great way to fight the holidays and spending time with family and friends are over blues or the winter blues. It's also a great natural remedy for panic attacks and anxiety or even to use as a sleep aide.


My mom was taking a CBD oil and mentioned she didn’t think it was doing the job she was hoping for, so I suggested Revv Naturals CBD oil that was known for its help with pain, anxiety, stress, and sleeping.  We were meeting to go shopping so I gave her the bottle which she decided to try out right then.  My mom has had back surgery and she has been having hip pain.  After we were walking along about 30 minutes maybe passed and she said she could feel relief already.  I didn’t really know what to expect when she took the oil, but I was so happy she felt a calm natural relief with the Revv CBD product.  You know it has natural ingredients when your body reacts calmly and subtly and this product did just that.  Listening to your body and how it reacts to anything consumed is your guide on good quality ingredients.  My mom has a hard time just sitting in a vehicle for a long period of time so knowing this product has taken that edge off is a happy win.  With that said the calming effect it has on her mood and attitude was also amazing.

CBD Gummies

My husband is notorious for not sleeping more than a few hours a night and I on the other hand can sleep like a baby, so I do feel bad as he is a very active person not only in his work life but his personal life as well.  You can imagine being a go go go person on very little sleep will eventually take its toll emotionally, physically, and mentally.  He hates and refuses to take medicine or vitamins unless he absolutely has to, but I finally got him to try the CBD Gummies to just see if it helped him sleep.  Woohoo, guess what, he actually took it and said he slept while only waking once and was able to go back to sleep.  Plus, he really enjoyed the flavor and wanted to just eat them as a snack, lol.  Obviously, he didn’t but having a product that tastes good is a plus.  This product felt natural to him with no feelings of abnormity as if he took anything.  This is a huge win for my husband not to mention for me as well since I see his activity level and worry when that brick wall would be hit.


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