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Intro to Megan

My Name is Megan White

A little about me:

I’m a very active individual with a passion to help others in all aspects of life from personal growth to total well-being.  

A healthy energy drink fell into my life about 12 years ago, it was called RevvNRG and that, was the start of my relationship with Scotty & Susann Paulson.

In that time, I have enjoyed the natural ingredients, not only in their vitality drink but in all the products they offer at Revv Naturals.

I have dabbled in other products just to see what was out there and how it made my body feel. Without fail I find myself not able to fully replace the good thing going with Revv Naturals.   Not only is my mind and body happy with my choice but I can offer it to others knowing I am making a difference for them, by replacing the products in their life that are unhealthy and helping them find natural alternatives that work.  I believe in this company’s products. 

My kids range from 5 to 21 and they all steal my RevvNRG whether it’s made and in my personal water bottle or sneaking the sticks out of the cupboard and pouring it into their water bottle.  Let’s just say RevvNRG is a hit at my house.

My Book

Healing Within, Loving Throughout

Revv Naturals is not just a company you can get all natural healthy products from, but it is the company that had individuals 10 years back teaching people like myself, personal development and a lifestyle full of positive thinking and doing.  

I took those teachings and wrote my first book called; Healing Within, Loving Throughout.  This book is simplified by giving you tools and examples to navigate through the obstacles in life that we allow to dictate our future and the choices leading up to that future.

picture of book
back of book

These 3 products are the staples you must have!

My Product Spotlight

 Bring it on!  I can do it all with Classic RevvNRG!

Revv up your day with our Classic blend of RevvNRG.  Whether you’re working, working out, schooling, or any activity that requires a little more pep in your step, you can’t go wrong with RevvNRG Classic.  

Want to change up the flavor? Pair it with RevvNRG Focus or RevvNRG Immune. 

Classic is the base of all 3 so no matter your need for energy, brain focus or just a bit more immunity we got your back.

The Revv Cleanse & Detox packet is a great way to jump start any stagnant bowl movements due to an intense weekend of bad eating/drinking since we all know summer brings on camping and vacation fun.

It’s all natural and a great kick start when you need that little extra help in the bathroom or as a kick start to any weight loss program.   It’s also a great way to detox your system!

With all-natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about jitters, heart racing, or any uncomfortable feelings while consuming RevvNRG products.

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Order  both  and  get  a  free  tote!


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