The Revv Affiliate Program is designed to offer you a risk-free opportunity to capitalize on the ever increasing natural product markets. With a 19-25% commission, the Revv Affiliate program offers exceptional earning potential for its partners.

The Revv Affiliate program is a lot like a “Refer a Friend” program but has unlimited earning potential. When people you refer to our site make a purchase, you receive a commission or percentage of the transaction. There is no initial investment just opportunity!  We do require 1 purchase (any amount) every 12 months to be considered active.  This helps keep your information updated and get commissions to you.

To be clear, we are not a Network Marketing, Direct Sales or MLM company.

Becoming a Revv Affiliate is simple and FREE!

Step 1

Open an affiliate account with us. Your account will allow you to track clicks, conversions, sales, and commissions.

Step 2

After you create your FREE Revv Affiliate account, you will receive by email your partner link and access to your behind the scenes portal to track your sales and commissions.

Step 3

Start sharing your partner link with friends, family, and followers to begin earning commissions.

Why partner with Revv?
  • Our ultra-premium, broad-spectrum Vitality drinks, and CBD products along with our other products offer benefits the wellness industry hasn’t seen for years!
  • Almost anyone, regardless of age, can feel our products working.
  • Healthy drinks and CBD are the two fastest growing segments in the wellness industry and setting new records each month.
Why partner with Revv specifically?
  • It’s Free and Easy! The partnership costs you nothing, and you can complete your registration in 2 minutes depending on how fast you type ☺
  • Huge commission – Our 25% commission is unprecedented in this “refer a friend” era. Imagine you tell a couple of friends about a new specialty shop at the outlet mall. The next weekend they go to that store and make purchases. Imagine now if the store were to total up their orders and send you a check for 25% of their transactions. It gets even better! Every time your friends go back and pay for items from that store you get a check for 25% of their sales. In our case, we are the store, and your friend’s purchases are tracked back to you through your unique tracking cookie.  *In order to stay competitively priced our premium line of new CBD products will pay out 19%.*
  • Discounts – we are always running special offers and discounts to increase your clicks and sales.
  • 60 Day Cookies – Our cookies last 60 days. What this means is when someone uses your specially coded link and visits our site their computer receives a tracking cookie. If they don’t make an initial purchase but come back and do so any time in the next 60 days you earn a 19-25% commission.
  • Monthly pay – we pay your commissions monthly provided they are $50 or more. If your commissions are below the $50 threshold we will bank them until they reach it and then pay them on the following month’s pay cycle.

Yes, as an Affiliate partner of Revv you are not required to be exclusive. We are sure after you get to know us we will be your favorite!

You must be 18 years old.

The more methods you have to market our products the better for you and us! You use the same link you receive from us to redirect all your sites to our site.

Not at all! If you can log on to the internet and follow a few simple instructions you’ll have it made.

Yes, as a customer you have a dashboard to access all the information about your account and this gives you access to your Affiliate information as well.

With our aggressive 25% commission, you have unlimited opportunities to earn. Of course, your actual earnings will depend on how many people you refer to us and how many of them purchase our products. Here is a simple example. If over time you have ten people that order $100 of our products per month your 19 – 25% share would be $190 – $250.  

You will be able to choose having a check mailed to you or recieve Store Credit to use on future purchases.

Payments are distributed once a month. On the 10th of the month, we will pay you for all sales transactions generated in the previous month minus any refunds as long as you meet the minimum threshold of $50. In the event, your commissions are less than $50, we will hold them until the 10th of the next month.

Yes, you will earn commissions on all sales generated from your efforts, including those in which your customer receives a discount.

Yes, all our products qualify.

Nothing works better than a personal endorsement. There is a reason you use one or more of our products. It’s because they improve your quality of life. Tell people about your experience. You can do this in person, on blog posts, give a review, or endorse them on social media.

Yes, It is the Affiliate’s responsibility to check back for changes or updates to the agreement.

Not at all.  Just fill out the ‘Contact‘ form letting us know you want to cancel it.

Anything that we feel you have done to make Revv Naturals, our brand, or any product appear unfavorable.